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The Flower Essences of Misiones were created by Karen Ryberg and Fabian Bachmann, modeled after the well known Flower Essences of Bach.  Misiones is a providence of Argentina located in the northeast, bordering Brazil and Paraguay.  This region is tropical, humid, warm, lush, and colorful, overall a breathtaking environment.  One walks around and marvels in the beauty and stillness.  For me, having lived in this area, it is easy to understand the power of these flower essences.
The Flower Essences of Misiones consist of flowers native to the region of Misiones while others grow in other parts of the world as well.  Karen and Fabian have tested and developed a wide range of essences, helping areas such as depression, sleep, anxiety, restlessness, decreased sex drive, worrying behavior, anorexia, relationship conflict, addiction, and so many others.  It is through harmonization of the emotions that allows for a higher level of consciousness, more satifying life, and acheivement of well-being.

I have been working with the Flower Essences of Misiones for over seven years, being trained in Misiones, Argentina.  I translated their manual from Spanish to English which details all of the 100 plus essences and acts as a training tool for facilitators. I also provide educational sessions or workshops regarding the function of flower essences and how they can help us to feel stronger and carry out our life’s purpose.

Since there are so many types of flower essences it is best to set up a consultation to determine which flowers are the best fit.

Flower essences have no aroma, but rather are taken orally after being diffused in purified water.  They also can be utilized in lotions or sprays.  Flower essences are 100% natural, very gentle and healing, they are not harmful in any way.

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Cost: $30.00 per formula. Consultation price varies.

Misiones, Argentina

Misiones, Argentina


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