“Elizabeth Piren is the most authentic person I have ever encountered, Her presence is peaceful and relaxing but her healing ability is powerful and purposeful. When she performs Reiki it is absolutely divine. And her flower essence was a unique and inspiring experience that left me with a little bit of liquid magic to take home. I would recommend anyone needing a little divine-magic in his or her own lives to see her immediately.
Dustin P.
“Hi Elizabeth, I want to tell you of the changes I have noticed with the essence you made for me. The other day I was working at my dental office. Situations came up that normally would have had me in a “tizzy” but I felt calm. At first I thought the meditation style I was trying had finally kicked in but then I realized it was your essence. Thanks so much for giving me the support to allow my day go so much smoother.”
Sally A.
“I was struggling with anxiety and depression and didn’t want to take prescription drugs, Liz introduced me to using the flower essences. She sat down with me and within an hour of time, she had customized my special potion. I didn’t feel all out of sorts like a normal prescription drug would make me feel, I felt more myself and found the relief and clarity I was looking for. Something natural is almost always worth a shot. Thanks Liz!”
Caitlin E.
“I have had the immense pleasure of receiving both Reiki and Flower Essences from Elizabeth Piren. She is an extremely warm, genuine person whose peaceful power far surpasses human understanding. During a session with Elizabeth, I can literally feel the presence of angels around me. And Flower Essences are incredible! What Elizabeth has to offer the world is quite unique; I highly recommend her.”
Leigh M.
“As a life coach myself working with Elizabeth was a breath of warm fresh air. Elizabeth works with the unique needs and wants of each client to create the most optimal growth experience. For instance, I am often hesitant to discuss my anxieties with others, especially in the therapy setting, because at times instead of helping the feelings dissipate it causes them to expand. Instead of forcing the talking, Elizabeth offered to incorporate her training as a reiki expert to help me move through my emotions non-verbally. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated and relieved, but most of all thankful that she was a able to incorporate a variety of modalities into our work rather than applying a one-size fits all approach!
Sara O.
“Elizabeth's Reiki sessions have added an additional element to therapy sessions. This energetic healing practice has really allowed me to experience healing on very subtle levels, which has encouraged body awareness.
Lauren B.

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