Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth has personally found that through having a counselor or coach, in combination with other healing modalities, she is best able to take care of herself, building confidence, awareness, balance, and well being. 

Elizabeth Piren is a Professional Counselor,  licensed in Washington, DC and New Jersey.  Elizabeth has found that traditional talk therapy can help to uncover patterns that are not serving us and how we may be getting in our own way to achieve a state of contentment.  Sometimes just naming our emotions can make a significant difference and be the first step toward significant change.  

Elizabeth has worked as a Clinical Director at Contigo International, providing therapy to Immigrant survivors of violent crimes and abuse.  She also has been a  therapist at an Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program, Domestic Violence Center, charter school and other outpatient clinics.  Elizabeth specializes in working with adults, adolescents, and couples, helping them attain balance, fulfilling relationships, and greater understanding.  She graduated from Lasalle University with two degrees of BA in Psychology and MA in Clinical Counseling, working in the area of counseling for over 12 years.  

Elizabeth's personal journey led her to learn about alternative healing methods such as Reiki, Flower Essences of Misiones, Sound Healing and Systemic Constellations.  In addition to counseling, Elizabeth loves providing Reiki treatments and trainings.  Reiki is a vehicle that has transformed her life in many ways, fostering a greater sense of balance, peace, acceptance and connection.  Elizabeth has found that energy work, including Constellation work, allow for a fuller awareness and greater sense of ease.  All of these modalities are a great addition to therapy in order to heal repressed emotions, blocks or traumas.  Sometimes talking isn't enough and we can discover a more natural or energetic approach to healing.  


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Services are provided in English and Spanish at an office space in downtown Washington,DC.