Family & Systemic Constellations

“This constellations work supports a view that there are two forces playing on us all the time. One is the force of love, generatively,  and healing; the other is the force for regression, attachment, or loyalty to the old, often distorted, imbalanced relationships of the past. Many of these latter  forces were set into motion by unresolved woundings or traumas to generations before our own”.  (‘Even If It Costs Me My Life’, Stephen Hauser)

Systemic Constellations allow for us to heal loyalties, patterns, or blocks that we are carrying for our ancestors. Do you sometimes feel stuck without understanding why? Constellations allow us to gain better understanding of ourselves, our relationships, businesses, illnesses, patterns of behavior, and many others. In a group setting we present an issue and allow the energy of the field to bring light and sometimes resolution to our concern.

Through Systemic Constellations we can bring awareness and healing to these examples of being blocked.  We can then break these patterns to allow for a fuller, richer, more balanced life.

I facilitate constellations individually using figurines, guided meditations or through a workshop. Contact me with any questions you may have. These links and resources below are also helpful info regarding Family and Systemic Constellations.


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Services are provided in English and Spanish at an office space in downtown Washington,DC.

Hidden Loyalties and Self-Sabotage
by Shavasti, author of the book 'Embracing the Power of Truth'

Upcoming Workshops


April 13-15, 2018

To the Heart of the Matter: Re-discovering Presence, Vitality and Creativity

A Three-Day Training for Facilitator’s and Other Healing Practitioners

Led by Bill Mannle, LMFT

In this workshop, using short exercises and rituals, we will look deeply into the self of the facilitator, identifying personal blocks and blind spots, discover resources to help us to remain open and present, and re-connect to our creativity and vitality. We will seek the existential moment that takes us forward. 

We will also learn to:

·     Go deeper into your own heart

·     Fully accept your parents and open to a wider possibilities

·     Get in touch with hidden gifts that are always available

·     See where you are attached; ideas, beliefs, and the story you tell yourself about yourself, and how to drop the story and allow more grace.

·     Learn brief, powerful exercises to the get to what is essential and that can be shared in with your groups or clients. 

The workshop is designed to compel the facilitator toward a deep introspection, while at the same time providing a safe space to develop heart and soul presence, and a path toward clarity and authenticity.



CEUs available.

Location:  254 N. Washington St. |   Falls Church, VA 22046