I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, practicing for over thirteen years.  As a holistic therapist, my aim is to assist you in the journey of healing mind, body and spirit.

I work with adults and adolescents, providing individual, family, and couples therapy.  People often seek me out in order to lower levels of anxiety, overcome depression, elevate confidence, improve relationships, and recover from traumatic events.  Sometimes as humans we become stuck, where therapy allows us to gain awareness and break free from patterns that are no longer serving us.

I offer premarital and couples counseling. Some areas covered are improved communication, lowered conflict, problem solving and building intimacy.  Most couples average from 6- 12 meetings.

Counseling consists of first coming in for an intake session for  about one hour to ninety minutes, for me to get a background of what brings you in.  Then each ongoing session is about 50 minutes, first meeting weekly, then gradually moving to every other week.  Each person is different and so it is hard to give a specific time frame for therapy, we will co-evaluate this throughout the process.

I am eclectic in the therapeutic techniques I utilize, such as Strengths-based, Cognitive Behavioral, Trauma Recovery, Brainspotting, Guided Imagery, Relaxation Techniques, Coping Skills training, and Mindfulness.  I often give readings or activities to work on outside of therapy, for you to implement discussion into day to day life.  Each person is an individual, and will co- determine the best plan of action.

Cost: $180.00 per session Sliding scale is possible for low income.


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Services are provided in English and Spanish at an office space in Dupont Circle, downtown Washington,DC.